Marc Baker teams up with Miami Horror on New Single “Not My Friend”

Marc Baker has announced his brand new single ‘Not My Friend’, produced by the multi-platinum band Miami Horror.
The new single from Marc is the follow-up to his debut EP ‘Marc Baker’ released earlier this year. The song recorded with Miami Horror stays true to Marc’s sleek, indietronica sound, which made him fan favourite is his home country Australia.  

Marc says“I had spent a long time trying to communicate my vision and emotions but never could get it across the right way, Ben (Miami Horror) happened to come to some of the early punk shows and could see that and knew he could help me. We spent a long time talking about the kind of music we wanted to make even before we got into a studio together. So when the time came it felt very natural to us. I’m not standing here today without Ben. I owe him a great deal for taking a chance on a punk kid.”
Just like Miami Horror, Marc originated from Australia. However, it didn’t take long for Marc’s music to reach the ears of fans on the other side of the world. Building a following in the US, Marc relocated to Los Angeles 9 years ago and has spent the past few years touring the US, bringing his fiery attitude and retro electro sound. 
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Written by Kelly McFarland

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