Single cover artwork for "False Idol" which sees MARIS in a red leotard and pink leggings sitting on the side of a boxing arena with her arms hooked over the rope sides.

MARIS releases an artistic single and music video titled “False Idol”

Bringing artistic nostalgic vibes is MARIS with her brand new single, titled “False Idol”. With a distinctive ’80s sound wrapped around creative harmonies and an addicting dance beat, this is set to be a track we will listen to again and again. This follows up her previous single “Was It A Dream?”

MARIS, full name Maris Ward, is a singer-songwriter, artist, and performer whose effervescent personality shines through in her music. She blends elements of light and darkness to create a unique sound that touches on life’s experiences and emotions. With a style that is both cohesive and captivating, MARIS seamlessly blends storytelling into her music, visuals, and choreography, making her a force to be reckoned with in the pop genre. Her music is an eclectic mix of influences that are transformed when she performs live, allowing her electrifying aura to create a safe space for all to be their truest selves. Fresh off a successful European tour with Postmodern Jukebox, MARIS has signed with the indie label, Black House and released her first single, “Heavenly Bodies”, last year, following that up with “Was It A Dream?” which quickly became her most-streamed track on Spotify with hundreds of thousands of streams. She plans to drop her debut EP, “Gravity”, in Spring 2023.

Talking about the track, MARIS said: “I love the imagery of somebody being so big in your mind, that they tower over you and block out the sun. ‘I’ve been running from your shadow’ has such a colorful action to it, and accompanied with the dance beat, I can’t help but bop along.”

Watch the music video to “False Idol” by MARIS here:

Written by Bre Kennedy, Bruce Wiegner, and Maris Ward, while it has been produced by Bruiser, “False Idol” is an addicting contemporary pop song with an undeniably strong dance beat that mixes perfectly with the mainstream pop that is out today. Adding MARIS’s incredible vocals and passionate lyrics, it’s not a surprise that we’ve been listening to this on repeat for most of the day. We hear everything that MARIS is singing about and feel it within ourselves as we find out how she used to look up to idols who then always let her down. She’s an empowering testament to how we should be our own idols.

The music video, directed by Caro Knapp and MARIS, is a comedic yet relatable concept as MARIS showcases how you can become obsessed with certain idols, even going as far as dressing and attempting to look like them. MARIS goes one step further by deciding to put on a fake moustache and work out with the help of a VHS. This is where she showcases her dance skills as her choreographed number, which was created by David Grannum, becomes a focal point of the video and is surely bound to create a Tik Tok sensation. Other scenes continue on from the initial scene, showcasing different leotards and styles suggesting the different idols she used to look up to, all leading to her throwing some punches at a punching bag, ending her relationship with the idols she used to look up to.

Stream the brand-new single from this rising superstar on Spotify here:

“False Idol” by MARIS is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Black Horse.

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