Mark Sheppard launches 'I Win' charity t-shirt campaign 1

Mark Sheppard launches new ‘I Win’ charity t-shirt campaign

He’s known for playing the King of Hell in Supernatural but in real life, Mark Sheppard has a heart of gold. The talented actor has launched a new charity t-shirt campaign!

A portion of proceeds from all sales will be donated to Camp Conrad Chinnock; a charitable camp that helps children manage their diabetes. In the past four days, more than a thousand fans have shown their support by ordering a t-shirt online.

The limited edition clothing range features Mark’s very own inspirational message: ‘Even when I lose, I win’. It’s a brilliant quote to live your life by and without spoiling the plot, it’s also incredibly relevant to Supernatural’s recent season 12 finale.

Sharing his new charity campaign on Instagram, Mark Sheppard said: “A ‘fitting’ end to season 12. I wrote this line to sum up the feeling behind the finale. Surprise, surprise, it was cut. Seems so appropriate now! I’m asking you again to join me in supporting a great cause. Thank you for all the love. xoxox

No matter where you are in the world, you can help support Camp Conrad Chinnock by purchasing some of Mark’s new charity apparel here on Represent. The t-shirts will only be available until the 6th June so make you grab one before it’s too late.

Camp Conrad Chinnock helps children with diabetes by providing them with a positive camping experience. Coping with diabetes can be particularly challenging at times but when managed properly, anything is possible. The camp helps build confidence in young people and more information can be found here on their official website.

It’s not the first time Mark has helped tackle diabetes. The caring actor has run many charitable campaigns and it’s great to see him use his fame in such an amazing way. Make sure you follow @Mark_Sheppard on Twitter for all of his latest updates.

Mark Sheppard launches 'I Win' charity t-shirt campaign 2

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Written by Mark Willis

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