Marko Stout is changing the face of erotic artwork

Movies are beautiful works of art that require extensive planning, direction and talent to produce. There is a multitude of film directors that are phenomenal and extremely talented in creating whatever they direct. While people usually have favourite actors, there is a wide range of people who have favourite directors and other artists in the film business.

There are a lot of directors who are remarkable at what they do. One such film director is Marko Stout.

Marko Stout is a film director who has created a vast number of art projects ranging from films to paintings to sculptures to photographs.

Being a multitalented individual, Marko Stout uses colours to personify his art. Marko Stout utilises vibrant colours to portray eroticism and passion through his artwork.

Marko Stout grips people with the allure of his artwork that is deeper than it looks. His art shows multiple facets of sexuality and desire.

Marko Stout has presented and showcased his artwork at numerous galleries internationally along with art shows and exhibitions. Marko Stout also has many solo galleries worldwide mainly in New York, Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Madrid, Miami and Hong Kong.

As a film director, Marko Stout has directed Thinner Then Ice, Graveyard of Buried Hopes and Heroin.

Appealing to people’s erotic senses, Marko Stout’s artwork is derived from personal experiences and moves something within you. It is not a work of art that can be easily interpreted, it takes time and it stays with you.

Marko Stout is as popular as his artwork is around the world and in the Hollywood film industry. Amidst the array of followers that he has are Billie Eilish, the Kardashians, Melissa Etheridge, Ru Paul, and Debra Messing.

Through his unique way of using colours in his artwork and creating phenomenal art pieces, Marko Stout has impressed many. His journey continues to be celebrated by all and is towards discovering new dimensions and horizons.

Written by TedFuel