Matt Simons
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Matt Simons Releases New Album – ‘Identity Crisis’

Los Angeles-based artist Matt Simons releases his fourth studio album, Identity Crisis, featuring some of his recent hit singles, including “Better Tomorrow,” “Cold,” and the title track.

Matt explains, “I’m often asked to describe my music in 3 words or less. The answer I like to give is “an identity crisis.” This album reflects the wide range of styles I love and am heavily influenced by.”

With his previous albums having been streamed more than 1 billion times, Matt’s story began in Palo Alto, California. The grandson of two opera singers, he grew up studying jazz and classical music, playing piano, followed by switching to clarinet and guitar. Soon, he started writing his own music, followed by releasing music online.

His delicious pop sound attracted listeners in The Netherlands, where he rocketed up to the heavens. A sync on Dutch TV led to touring. Deepend’s remix of “Catch & Release” bubbled up organically and ended up as one of 2016’s biggest hits, reaching Gold and Platinum status in a dozen territories and the top of the European Airplay chart. “We Can Do Better,”, “Open Up,” and “Better Tomorrow,” expanded Matt’s fame to gigantic levels.

Currently on tour throughout the EU, Matt and his band will perform at legendary venues in Paris, London, and Berlin.

Encompassing 10-tracks, entry points on Identity Crisis include the title track, riding a galvanizing pop rhythm topped by low-slung sheens of color and Matt’s smooth vocals. The shimmering intro to “Cold” immediately attracts attention, followed by flowing into a percolating rhythmic pulse and yearning timbres.

A personal favorite, “In Case You Missed It,” rolls out on a captivating rhythm as thrumming harmonics imbue the tune with lush, bouncy coloration. Riding low oscillating hues, “Years” delivers luscious, nostalgic sensations.

Speaking about “Years,” Matt says, “As I’ve gotten older, I realize more and more that the relationships that stick are ones where you really go through the sh*t together. ‘Years’ is about that. Fake friends fall off when the good times stop rolling but those who stick with you at the bottom are there for life.”

The final track, “The Boxer,” offers a moving rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s famous song.

Matt Simons has it going on! Brimming with passion and glowing pop flavors, the highlight of the album is the velvety voice of Matt Simons.

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Written by Randy

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