What is Maxx Danziger’s Snapchat?

Snapchat is a very popular form of social media and a lot of celebrities have it, but does one of your favourites have it that you’re not aware of? They just might, but don’t fret, if they do you can easily find it if you look through CelebMix’s Snapchat Bible! Loads of celebrities’ snapchat accounts are there ready to be added by everyone, so if you have some spare time, take a flick through it and see if you can discover a celebrities snapchat that you didn’t know had it before now.

One of the many celebrities to have a public snapchat account is Maxx Danziger, the drummer from Set It Off and his snapchat is definitely one to be added. Ever wondered what life is like on Warped Tour? You can find out by adding him as through his snapchat we’re occasionally treated to the odd selfie by him at his drums while on stage, this is just among the many things he posts. But what about after warped you ask? Maxx has an adorable cat named Pistol who also features on his snapchat from time to time. It’s safe to say that if you don’t add Maxx on snapchat, you are definitely missing out.


What is Maxx Danziger’s snapchat?

You can follow Maxx Danziger on snapchat using maxxsio.

Who else should you be following on snapchat?

If you aren’t already, you should definitely follow our snapchat CelebMix. Not only does it have celebrity news on it but also the odd live video from various shows that we go to. The snapchat account is purely to treat anyone who adds it and views the snaps, so what are you waiting for? Add us.

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