Meds4sure: What You Need to Know When Buying Medicines Online

Buying medicines at the Meds4sure online pharmacy and other online drugstores has made it possible for all to access all types of drugs. Just like other e-commerce platforms, there is always a risk of some players. Unlike electronics, shoes, or other stuff people purchase online, medicines mean life. It is your health. That means you have to get the best, manufactured the world’s best pharmaceutical companies and sold under required conditions. It is paramount that before you add any drug to your cart, you conduct due diligence, ask the sellers the right questions and if possible, ask proof that whatever they you pay for is what will be delivered.

Most medical experts always recommend that the search for online medicine doesn’t necessarily start by finding the right medicament, but by researching and buying from the right seller. How then do you filter through thousands of e-pharmacies and choose the best? Well, the answer here will depend on so many factors.

What makes a rogue online pharmacy?

A good and legit business must operate according to clear laws and regulations. Some of those websites that sell medicines and supplements online instead defy all existing laws and regulations. This means that they don’t care whether you order for poison in the name of an anxiety medicine, for example, so long as you have paid them well and your order is shipped. In fact, you are never guaranteed of receiving the package in the first place. Some in fact pack anything and brand them nicely but the stuff they sell is not even worth the cost of the ink on their label due to lack of active ingredients. Studies show that the most common dangers of purchasing online medicine is ending up with products with harmful or total wrong ingredients,  or not enough ingredients.

It has further been established that most online fraud cases are committed by establishments that are located outside the mother country. While it is very true that some well-established e-pharmacies like Meds4sure can distribute worldwide, they have put measure in place to ensure that they sell medicines to countries where they are approved in the first place. What is the point of purchasing medicine that is prohibited in the first place? Some of these supplements and drugs are priced so cheaply compared to the known retail prices. If the deal is too good, don’t think twice, run!

Are prescriptions necessary?

This is a highly controversial area. Professional ethics demand that pharmacists sell prescription-only medicines to those with a prescription. However, getting a prescription for some conditions can be demanding. How then do you go about that? Some online pharmacies will go an extra mile to first find out if you got a prescription or not. If not, they try to find out about the symptoms of the conditions and if you really understand what the drug is prescribed for. Thereafter, you may have to electronically sign a document to prove that indeed you know what medicine you are buying. Unfortunately, e-pharmacies have discovered the loopholes in prescriptions and don’t bother with all these processes, allowing anyone who orders prescription medicine to buy online without a prescription.

While subsequent purchases may not require a prescription, there is absolutely no harm in getting one for the initial order. This way, you sure will understand what you buy, the conditions they are used to treat or manage, where to buy, and common side effects, among others. Furthermore, most medicines can have serious interactions with other medicines when used. Therefore, the guidance of a physician or pharmacist is paramount and will go a long way in avoiding the aforementioned challenges.


Before setting up any form of business, getting a license is a legal requirement. However, for controlled substances, such as drugs and supplements, these rules are usually very strict. Furthermore, it costs a lot of money and numerous phases of inspections by the authorities before the same is granted. It is because of these that you will find most online pharmacies are not registered or licensed by the authorities. Setting up an online store may only require a website, but it takes much more than that when you are involved in business of selling medicine. Different countries and state have a database of registered pharmacies with relevant drugstore boards or responsible agencies. This is information you can always check out before eventually buying any medicine online. An example of top online pharmacy is

Lists of Shame

Some countries, in their bid to protect their citizens have gone an extra mile and prepared a “list of shame” with names and links of websites that are not registered. This information is collected and the database updated regularly to ensure that only legit pharmacies like Meds4sure are allowed to operate. If you come across a website that claims to sell quality medicine but appears on the blacklist, don’t do business because there is always a risk. This is a very difficult thing to do. There are thousands of websites selling all sorts of medicines across the globe. Checking out this information can be tedious, but worth every second of your time.

Why are online pharmacies popular today?

Despite the challenges and risks involved when shopping for medicines online, there is no doubt that a site such as is growing in popularity. There are many reasons why this is the case, but mainly because they fill gaps left behind by traditional pharmacies. As mentioned earlier, getting a prescription for some conditions can be frustrating. Since some e-pharmacies don’t mind selling medicine to those who deserve, with or without a physician’s prescription, that is not a problem.

The burden of buying some medicine can be too much for some people and their caregivers to bear. As a result, they go for cheaper alternatives, which may be available online because they can get access to offers, discounts and coupons. Furthermore, ordering medicine from another country has been found to be way cheaper. There is another issue of privacy, which is guaranteed and convenience. Finally, people have access to a broad spectrum of drugs to manage all sorts of medical conditions. Other than a few shortcomings, online pharmacies is the surest way to purchase your medicines and supplements for a healthy living.

Written by digidog sigi