Meet and Greets: The Dos and Don’ts

“What do I say? What do I do?”

“Oh my goodness, what if I trip? I’m definitely going to trip.”

Those are merely a few things racking at your brain as you prepare for quite possibly the most important thirty seconds of your life. Meeting your favorite celebrity is exciting as it is scary. “What if they’re rude, then I hate them? Pft, I could never…could I?”

When your fav announces a tour or an event or maybe even a convention, you get the incredible opportunity to see them live in the flesh. If that weren’t enough, now more and more events offer VIP packages where you could actually meet your favorite celebrities. Because c’mon, why just watch them when you can actually meet them.

We’ve done it. We’ve lived to tell the tales and now we’re going to share our insight with you.

Meeting and Greeting 101:

Be respectful to everyone. Fans. Artist. Security. Workers. Everyone. This is a special chance to make incredible memories, don’t ruin it by being a jerk. You can and will be evacuated from the venue if your behavior is not up to par.

Be patient. Usually you’re on a really long line with other fans, just as anxious as you are. You will get your meet and greet. It is worth the wait. Spend the time making new friends, bring a book, just do something to occupy your time.

Plan in advance. You have a limited amount of time. Except to have under a minute.

Be realistic. You won’t become best friends on the spot. You’re not going to get a marriage proposal. You most likely will get a “hi, nice to meet you”.

Know your artist’s boundaries. Some artists don’t allow you to touch them. Some artists come right up to you for a hug.

Don’t assume. Ask. Ask if you could have a hug. Ask if it’s ok to do a pose. Ask if you can give them a kiss on the cheek.

Know what you can and can’t bring. Most times posters are not allowed during a meet and greet. A lot of times, bags aren’t either.

Gifts are tricky. A vast majority of the time, gifts will be collected by an assistant before the meet and greet. Other times you can hand it right to your celeb.

Cameras are typically not allowed during a meet and greet. Your photo will most likely be taken by a professional and then emailed to you or put on a website for you to download.

Listen to security. If they say no, it means no. They are not only there for the artist’s safety but yours as well.

Celebrities are human. Treat them like such.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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Written by CelebMix