Megan Batoon: Exclusive Day Of Her Series Premiere

Megan Batoon is a star of Making Moves on FullScreen which premieres TODAY! We got to chat with her all about it and her career!

Tell us all about your new show.
Making Moves is a dance dramedy where I play a gossipy narrator-type who keeps everyone involved with the storyline while creating lots of conflicting buzz at the same time. John Swetnam, writer of Step Up 5, takes the predictable dance movie formula and spins it to be more modern for the show- dealing with what it’s like to create YouTube content to digital media drama brings the series truly up to date.

Are you anything like your character?

I’d say I’m a mix between who I really am and a gossipy, overly-flashy version of me. Bridget craves the spotlight and will do anything to get and stay in it. I am definitely extroverted when I want to be, but most days when I’m alone, I’m pretty relaxed whereas Bridget would walk around her kitchen at midnight acting like she’s in a music video- and obviously not as Extra #3.

You have 37 MILLION YouTube views. What even is that like?
I can’t even fathom those numbers. If I try and imagine even one thousand people gathering in one room to watch one of my YouTube videos, I’m already mind-blown and honestly a bit scared. To think I’ve reached 37 million people from all over the world is an out-of-this world concept and I’m humbly grateful for it every day.

You are quite a fashionista. What do you think is the hottest trend of the summer?
I think lots of 90’s trends are coming back, I’ve seen lots of ripped denims and chokers galore which I’m definitely an advocate of. Either that or driving around with your windows up… that would be really hot- literally.

You are also quite a foodie. What’s your favorite food?
I LOVE potatoes. The thing about potatoes is that they can be so many different things, fried, mashed, roasted, baked- but they can never be bad. I respect that about a spud.

Actress, Dancer, Writer, Choreographer, YouTuber. Is there anything you can’t do?
I’m a terrible bowler. There’s nothing I get more stressed or unnecessarily competitive in than a game of bowling. Also, fast math is a pretty big struggle for me, aside from tipping (thanks serving experience!)

Any dream brand integrations?
I’m working towards my ultimate dream of having my own home goods, travel gear, apparel line worldwide at a major retailer like Target.

What else can we expect from you?
More videos, more dancing, more lifestyle blogging. Ultimately whatever I do in the future, you can always expect a dose of practicality and comedy.

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Written by CelebMix