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Melody’s Enemy Releases ‘Plastic’ EP with Remixes from The Archer + Cocodrills

Electronic music producer and DJ Melody’s Enemy, aka Andy Haeffele, drops his latest EP, Plastic, via mushrooming There Is A Light Records. Plastic comprises Melody’s Enemy’s original version, along with individual remixes by label founder The Archer and producer Cocodrills.

Talking about the EP, Melody’s Enemy shares, “‘Plastic’ is a piece of social commentary and my honest attempt to make everyone in the rave pissed off (ha!). I wrote it as a rant against all the superficial crap I saw around me and as a way to rail against a string of events both here in the UK and in the US that left me saying ‘WTF?!’”

With more than 43,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, The Archer, label owner at There Is A Light Records, showcases his hypnotic, addictive techno style. The Archer’s remix of “Plastic” reveals how house music tracks take on totally different dynamics and bravura when reimagined.

The Archer burst onto the scene with the 2021 release of his debut EP, Lonely Dream, blurring the lines between disco, deep house, and techno. His sound blends retro savors with state-of-the-art innovation.

Encompassing three tracks, the EP begins with Melody’s Enemy’s edition, opening on a thumping rhythm made up of syncopated percussion and a fat rumbling bassline. Baritone vocals infuse the lyrics with deep, contagious tones as the heady techno beat pulsates underneath swirling, percolating leitmotifs.

“The Archer Remix” features a more measured rhythm, darker, with extended percussion. Burbling, wavering tones imbue the tune with mysterious textures and smoldering surfaces. As the tune expands and gathers resonance, the harmonics surge on thick energy.

“The Cocodrills Remix” rolls out on a muffled, reverberating rhythm as industrial-flavored accents give the tune edgy, sonic umlauts. Tinted with latent portent, Cocodrills’ version displays palpable tension.

With Plastic, Melody’s Enemy, The Archer, and Cocodrlls demonstrate their creative talents, delivering electrifying sonic arrangements.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.