Michael Bublé’s new album “Nobody But Me” features a song by Meghan Trainor and Harry Styles

Michael Bublé has a new album coming out in October, and he revealed in a recent interview with ET Canada that for this album he had a pair of well known songwriters and performers to help him with what will be his ninth studio album, which is quite impressive!

It’s no secret that Meghan Trainor and Harry Styles worked together on some past projects. We were blessed enough to hear a little snippet of an unreleased song. Remember when Meghan performed London Lights on Capital FM? We’re still not over it.

She has since praised both Harry and his writing skills, and now we’ll get a chance to hear a song.

Michael’s longly anticipated album, “Nobody But Me” is special to him. It features three songs which he co-produced, and nine cover versions.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever had this much fun working on an album. It was especially thrilling to collaborate with my band who understand that I want to sound better than I’ve ever sounded. I’m also very proud of the new songs. Having the opportunity to co-produce was a joy for me personally.”

Michael Bublé's new album "Nobody But Me" features a song by Meghan Trainor and Harry Styles 1

In his most recent interview with ET Canada, he mentions putting his ego aside for the sake of the record. That meant using Styles’ and Trainor’s song.

“For the first time ever, I’ve recorded an original [song] that I didn’t write. It’s written by Meghan Trainor and Harry Styles. I know that sounds mind-blowing to people, but they’re talented, they wrote a song that I fell in love with, and that was it. I was going to set my ego aside and I was going to do what’s best for the record.”

So, what do we know about the song? You can preorder the album on iTunes, and based on very detailed research (we looked it up on iTunes), we can confidently say that the song is titled “Someday”.

But there’s more! Meghan is featured in the song as well, and we just can’t wait to hear the song which will definitely be a big hit. Sadly, Styles is reportedly not in the song, but he sure left his mark with his impressive writing skills.

The lead single is already out, and we encourage you to take some time out of your busy schedule to listen to this masterpiece:


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