Promotional black-and-white photo for "Love As A Weapon", which sees Alan Chang standing against a wall, looking to his left, with his arms crossed. He is wearing a small chequered suit jacket over a white shirt and a tie hanging around his neck.
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Alan Chang releases intricate jazz track filled with ’00s pop vibes titled “Love As A Weapon”

Mostly known as the musical director for Michael Bublé, Alan Chang continues to showcase his awesome ability for music with his latest single release, titled “Love As A Weapon”. This track brings a nostalgic Y2K pop energy to his natural jazz genre bringing an incredible impact to every listener. This is the follow-up to his 2020 single “Half-American”.

Alan Chang is a singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer, who worked with Michael Bublé for over 19 years – until 2021 when he told the global star that he no longer wanted to tour with him. He began to start playing the piano at the age of six, after a push from his mother, going on to develop his undeniable musical talent. At just 13 years old, he took an interest in jazz music, and later went on to study jazz as a major at the University of Southern California, and stayed in LA after graduation, and not long after he was hired as a musical director and pianist for Michael Bublé, going on to be responsible for helping to write and produce much of Michael Bublé’s discography between 2002 to 2022. Now, as an independent solo artist, he is taking the spotlight and is planning to release his debut studio album, later this year.

Written by Alan Chang and Ryan Lerman, and produced by the latter, “Love As A Weapon” starts with prominent piano chords mixed with rhythmic drums before Alan Chang’s soulful indie-pop vocals jump in, coming straight from the heart. Listeners can feel the emotions from where this song has come from with the lyrics hitting hard as he tells us his story. Throughout, the piano and drums are consistently rhythmic mixing pop and jazz to create one addicting track, but Alan Chang goes further by throwing in harmonies for the chorus and surprising us with intricate jazz piano chords. “Love As A Weapon” is a truly unforgettable track that allows Alan Chang to bring jazz to mainstream pop with heartfelt lyrics that will touch every listener.

Talking about the release of his new single, Alan Chang said: “‘Love As A Weapon’ was written a few days after telling Michael Bublé that I no longer wanted to tour with him after 19 years. Though he and I are close friends, and he’s given me so much, it was tough to ignore some negative feelings that came up, whether they were justified or not.”

Stream “Love As A Weapon” by Alan Chang on Spotify here:

“Love As A Weapon”, by Alan Chang, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. Look out for Alan Chang’s forthcoming debut album which will be released later this year.

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