Michaela Slinger explores the weight and responsibility of being in love in her new single

Michaela genuinely changes moment to moment as to how she is feeling, as a person. In any given day she would describe herself as an inspired musician and songwriter, a nonprofit worker and community engager, lover of the outdoors, questioner of systems, and also emotionally everywhere. However, she is taking stock of what she wants in her life and the time to look at—many of the things she loves doing are not safe right now, so it’s thrown her into some occasional spirals. But at the same time, key elements such as creation, movement, and quality conversations with loved ones remain important to her. In fact, Michaela Slinger is the type of being that is trying to be patient and treat herself like she would a close friend.

“I imagine that many others are in a similar boat,” she expresses to CelebMix. “Feeling uncertain, feeling overwhelmed by the world, trying to stay rooted in my optimism and belief that we’re undergoing big, necessary change and that’s why this time feels so hard.” Michaela has had lots to be grateful for and just tries to return back to that throughout her days.

Michaela’s brand new single is about realising the weight and responsibility of being in love with someone and having their heart in your hands.

This was an interesting song for Michaela because she wrote out an initial idea on guitar the day before heading to Toronto for a 2-month music program. “I had access to a writing room and some basic production equipment, and I let the song come to life just by experimenting and having fun,” she reveals. “I usually have to split my attention between many different things, and it was such a gift to be able to just focus on music for those weeks. I felt really creativity engaged.”

I think the creation process of the song literally mirrored what I was writing about: I was physically in motion and travelling to a new place, taking a leap to pursue a dream, and leaving someone I share my life with behind for a while.

Michaela Slinger on the creation of her single

Michaela continues, “The song has moments of tenderness and vulnerability, of questioning, and a high energy, exciting chorus. All of those emotional spaces were very present for me.”

Everything Michaela is doing feels authentic to her and then enhanced by the talented, skilled people she gets to work with. Independent artists have to wear 25 different hats at once. “I still like to be a part of every process on both the music and the business side,” she reveals. “But the unwanted or stressful pressure is alleviated and I get to learn from people who know more than me.”

Coming up next for Michael Slinger is a Christmas Song. “I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. After that, we have some really exciting singles to release in early 2021 ahead of my debut album release in the spring,” Michael concludes in our chat.

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