Gig Review: Mike Dignam on tour

On Thursday 23rd of July 2015 I traveled down to London to see singer songwriter Mike Dignam on his mini tour which stopped at Manchester, Birmingham and finally at The Barfly in London at the end of the week.

Mike Dignam is a singer songwriter from the UK and has supported the likes of Lawson and 5SOS here in the UK and over in Australia. Mike Dignam has been hot on my radar since I first saw him back in 2013 and to say I’ve been a big fan since then would be an understatement.

Mike’s gig started of with a ‘oldie’, Keep Up Lady, the perfect song to start of a gig due to its upbeat nature and catchy lyrics. This was then followed by a string of new songs which are off his new album Fight To Forgive which comes out 16th October. However this did mean some songs the audience just had to listen; this was lovely though as you actually got to hear Mike performing. Sometimes at gigs the audience sing a little too loud, to the extent that you cant hear the artist who you’ve come to see.

The gig itself was outstanding, broken up into older songs off previous EP’s and new songs, slow songs and fast songs, electric and acoustic guitar. Mike’s gigs are always very personal and never repetitive. With such a dedicated and cheerful bunch of fans which I believe go by the name of the ‘diggycrew’ you might think that it could be a bit overwhelming at times for Mike and that the limelight of the music industry might change his personality but I mean it 100% when I say I don’t think Mike will ever change. After every gig he plays he meets fans and thanks them for coming, something which he by no means has to do but he does and for free which just shows what a kind and down to earth artist he is.

You can see how much emotion, passion and dedication goes in to Mike’s music which I think makes a gig so much better. He is one of the few artists out there which write every single song you will ever hear from him and doesn’t do it for the money, he does it because he loves music. 6 Strings, which is off the album coming out later this year, is all about his journey from busking of the streets with a beat up guitar to playing crowds which shout his name.

If you can’t tell already I admire Mike and would highly recommend you go and check out his current EP’s which are avaliable to buy and his album Fight To Forgive which is out on the 16th October. You wont regret it.

Watch and listen to Mike Dignam’s music video for Addict which comes from his new album which is avaliable to preorder now: [youtube]


Written by CelebMix