Mike Hermann: Million Dollar Watch Empire

Armed with determination, commitment, and a few luxury watches, Mike Hermann, famously known as ”RM Plug” is chasing the American dream and building an empire. Business savvy and the ability to meet his customer’s needs are the keys of his 7-figure business.

While operating his first business, Leather Clothing Factory, Mike Hermann was faced with an opportunity to break into a new industry. During a networking event in Miami, Mike Hermann connected with a highly successful watch reseller. Studying the industry, Hermann realized that the right watches can have a return higher than selling real estate. Moving to Miami, Hermann decided to do whatever was necessary to find success in this new industry. He devoted almost a whole year to learning the game from the best. When asked how he learned how to be successful in the watch industry, Hermann stated, “I lived at the watch store, watching, learning, trying to understand the game. For most of that time, I wasn’t even paid, I just wanted to learn.” And learn he did. After almost a year of “ hard work,” Hermann landed his first sale. “I got a check for $5,000. After that, I was hooked.” Over the next few months, he would complete over a million dollars of sales including selling a watch to Afrobeat superstar Davido. 

Following that time period, he decided it was time to launch out on his own. Leveraging his high value network from his fashion brand and utilizing social media, Hermann found relatively quick success. Three years later, he now runs a multimillion dollar company that has closed millions in sales already in the year 2021 alone. Although it may look like he was an overnight success, Mike Hermann wants people to understand that it took patience and consistency to get to where he is, “The biggest thing I learned from my mentor was to be consistent. Whether posting on social media, building connections, looking for deals – you have to be committed.”

His commitment has certainly paid off. With his company continuing to grow, Mike Hermann “RM Plug” is now looking to expand his empire. “I’m definitely looking to keep growing my business. A personal goal I have is to sell a watch to Lebron James, Jay Z, and Kevin Hart, but my next major focus is on sharing my knowledge.” That new focus is almost ready to be shared with the world. Mike Hermann is releasing his course, “Watch Pro Academy.” in early July. 

A combination of his experience and knowledge, this course will teach aspiring entrepreneurs everything they need to know to build a successful watch business. How to find deals on watches, how to market your brand, and build connections, you will learn from the best. Whether you are looking for a lucrative side hustle, to shift into a new industry or are looking to sharpen your skills, Mike Hermann’s course is the perfect fit for you.

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Written by Kyle Dior

Working with influencers, entrepreneurs and music artists around the world.