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Millie Bobby Brown Launches Vegan Friendly Makeup Brand, “Florence by Mills”

At just 15 years old, our beloved Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown took to Instagram to announce the launch of Florence by Mills; a vegan friendly makeup brand curated for young teens. “I can’t begin to explain the love I have for this and how hard but crazy excited I was to create it,” captioned Brown.

Since her first debut in Netflix’s record-breaking show Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has solidified that she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s earned two Emmy nominations for her performance as Eleven, she’s served as a fashion muse, and just recently launched a partnership with Converse. Additionally, she’s an activist for young girls and continuously uses her platform to spread awareness. Now she’s presenting the world with a PETA-certified, cruelty free, vegan makeup and skincare line that is not only clean living, but affordable. Her prices range anywhere between $10-$34 and is set to be released on August 26th. 

“What I want my beauty brand to represent is individuality and embrace who you are. All I know, is that I want you to feel yourself.”

“I wanted to come into the space because there was a gap in the market for young people,” she shares with WWD. “I guess I could never find anything that I liked to put on my face and it felt good. I’d take my makeup off and boom, another pimple would appear. There are multiple products I’ve used that weren’t good for me. Some of those were anti-aging and I was only 10 years old.”
It seems that Brown has covered every avenue of her brand to make this as sweet and fun as she is, using names such as Swimming Under the Eye Gel Pads, Zero Chill Face Mist and Like a Light Skin Tint. 

It is also said that a percentage of proceeds will be donated to the Olivia Hope Foundation, which was created to honor Millie’s friend Olivia Hope LoRusso who passed away from Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2017.

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Written by Victoria Christiano

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