Minnesota Dedicates a day to Beyoncé

Not only has Beyoncé got her b-day (September 4th if you were wondering) but she now has Bey Day in the U.S. state of Minnesota, a day dedicated to her entire existence and musical talent.

Governor Mark Dayton and Lt. Governor Tina Smith of Minnesota signed a proclamation this week to state that Minnesota will officially declare May 23rd as Beyoncé day. Don’t believe us? Look at the official proclamation which was Tweeted by Governor Mark Dayton and signed by the governors, below!

According to the proclamation, this has been granted to Beyoncé for her musical talent, ambition, and success in the music industry. The proclamation also claims that Beyoncé has her own day because she has influenced women and young girls alike to be strong with powerful and positive messages in her songs.

Beyoncé recently blessed Minnesota with her presence as part of her Formation Tour on Monday 23rd May at the TCF Bank Stadium where thousands of people, both in-state and out of state, gathered to watch Beyoncé perform.

Bey has been in the music industry for a while now and she’s being recognised for her achievement, influence, and all round brilliance by the state of Minnesota. Check out Time’s evolution of Beyoncé from Destiny’s Child to the Queen we know and love today here.

People have responded to the news on Twitter:


We think that this is an incredible honour for Beyoncé and can’t help but wonder if this could mean the day off work and school for a national holiday. If that is the case, can this please be extended to the entire country, world and galaxy?

Everybody, here’s a website to book flights to Minnesota for a Beyoncation. We’ll see you there 23rd May 2017 whether you are a Single Lady, Baby Boy, World Wide Woman or Bonnie & Clyde!

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Written by CelebMix