Miranda Joan Releases Intoxicating Neo Soul Single “My Muse”

Canadian born and bred singer-songwriter Miranda Joan is known for her soulful vocals, raw and emotive lyrics and seductive melodies. Her latest single “My Muse” highlights the artists’ unique fusion of slow burned R&B, pop, electronic and Jazz that make for a captivating sonic experience. 

In “My Muse”, Miranda Joan writes an ode to her love of music, something that has gotten her through hard times. She confides, ”this is my sexy love song to my muse, my passion, my partner: music. A friend of mine once told me that art will always be there when I need it, and ain’t that the truth. I look for her – my muse – to bandage all my bumps and bruises with melody and lyrics, she is where I channel my spirit and a safe place to land my love.” The single features hypnotic vocals full of effervescent charm over swirling electro-dipped synths that seductively ebb and flow, making for a perfect tribute to her muse. 

“My Muse” is the latest track off of Miranda Joan’s upcoming full length album Windborne that is set for release December 7th. The singer has received attention opening for the likes of Lorde, Shawn Mendes and Any Grammar to name a few. In addition to her music career, the artist loves to give back to her community, being a music mentor for the non-profit SAY that helps children who stutter. 

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