Dear Mixers: How The Supportive Spark Between Fandom & Little Mix Is Downright Beautiful

If you’re not a mixer, you might BECOME a mixer after reading this article. And we’re not talking about your ordinary mixer where you create all sorts of delicious drinks and hoo-hah’s – we’re talking about a devoted fandom who have been on a rollercoaster journey with girl band Little Mix.

Mixers (or Little Mixers) are the name for all the beautiful Little Mix fans and one true thing that can be said about these lads and ladies is that they are one (if not the top) most passionate fandom in the world right now and in general. This isn’t because of  their kind hearts (and at times sarcastic remarks – which we adore) but their ability to be 100 percent behind a girl group that want global domination.

They say that without fans, an artist is nothing. And as harsh as that sounds, it is the honest truth. These fans are the ones buying their idols’ music, merchandise, and inspiring to be like them – so it all makes sense.

But the Mixer fandom is in it for more than just the music. They want to see these women succeed. Succeed in an industry that has unfortunately pummeled women for decades. In a society that sometimes lurks of people saying, “Sorry, women don’t have the same power as men”, “Why are you wearing that, whore”, “Sorry, YOU are not welcome here”, “You are only successful because of a man”. The double standards are immensely disgusting and it’s honestly so hurtful to see these kinds of comments. As much as people think the whole world has changed its ways, there’s still a long way to go – but the light at the end of this tunnel might not be so far off.

We don’t have the answer to why certain individuals love thriving in cruelty and spreading it – and while we may never have that answer, it doesn’t stop this girl band from continuing on and by being the bigger adults – ignoring the over-obsessed negative people who can’t fathom seeing four beautiful and talented girls SUCCEED. You can continue to try and destroy their charisma, but you will NOT end up winning. These women are flying high, and the more negativity you direct towards them, the more they’ll end up succeeding.

This alone goes for ANY artist out there in the world. Respect goes a long way.

And what do we have now? A girl band that’s destroying the opposition and breaking records left and right.

Little Mix are at one of the most highest points of their career. Their third studio album has become their best selling album yet and is the girls’ THIRD consecutive platinum album. By the end of the year, the album will have achieved a double platinum certification. This is confirmed by the albums’ current numbers, as it’s been sitting tightly in the top 10 of the U.K. album chart.

Dear Mixers: How The Supportive Spark Between Fandom & Little Mix Is Downright Beautiful 1

‘Black Magic’ and the LGBTQ+/girl power empowerment anthem ‘Wings’ have given them huge success globally, both entering the Billboard Hot 100 and being certified GOLD by the RIAA for selling units of 500,000+. They are the first U.K. girl group this decade to achieve this status and the first since the Spice Girls’ ‘Goodbye’ single was certified back in 1998.

Let’s also not forget their groundbreaking debut album, DNA, consisting of released singles ‘Wings’, ‘DNA’ ‘Change Your Life’, & How Ya Doin featuring legendary female rapper Missy Elliott. It is here where outside the U.K., countries such as the U.S., Australia, and South America turned its heads for Little Mix. It debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 chart, signaling a massive record had been achieved – becoming the highest debut from a British girl group in the U.S., beating a record previously held by the best selling girl band in music history, the Spice Girls.

Not only are these girls successful in their native country, but others as well. While they haven’t officially, in the words of the music industry, achieved a sense of “global domination” it feels like they already have. Sure they still aren’t recognized by a certain portion of the world and some portions of certain countries, but that’s not stopping these ladies.

And while they continue to turn heads with their soothing harmonies, their parents, siblings, and friends will be there to continue and support these ladies. And most importantly, the Mixers of the entire world.

Whether it be streaming, buying music, constantly promoting the hell out of a single, showing their support by creating Little Mix banners and posting them around the block – it’s the constant devotion these fans have for Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock that leaves us all in awe.

The Mixers spirit is there, it’s real, and it’s probably the most strongest it’s ever been. If you’re a constant on social media, or around the street, you’ll definitely find one gushing over the girl group and it’s amazing to see! We’re sure Little Mix are very proud of their fans and while they have continually voiced their outmost admirations and thank you’s for the support, it’s the bond between the girl group and the fans that’s downright beautiful and enlightening.

A huge ol’ kudos to you Mixers and of course you Little Mix. Continue to carry the girl power torch, continue to soar, and know if the world ever turns its back on you – the Mixers of the world will never leave your side.

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.