MØ Releases Her Latest Single, ‘Nostalgia’

Mø has released her latest single, 'Nostalgia'

MØ has released her latest single, ‘Nostalgia’ and we can’t contain our excitement!

Danish singer-songwriter and pop starlet MØ is following up from her 2017 EP, ‘When I Was Young’ with a brand new single and we’re already hooked on it. The new single titled, ‘Nostalgia’ also follows a string of singles released by MØ from the past two years in anticipation for her sophomore album. ‘Final Song’ was ironically titled as it’s the first single we received towards the second album from MØ.


The music video to ‘Final Song’ has gone on to receive almost 100 million views via MØ’s official VEVO Channel, thank to its bright and ambient visuals. Due to the success of her solo singles, MØ has gone on to work with the likes of Diplo, Charli XCX and Snakehips. Most recently, she featured on Noah Cyrus’ single, ‘We Are…’ which was released February 5th 2018.


However, MØ is making a swift return to her solo material with the latest single, ‘Nostalgia’. Upon releasing the single, the Danish singer-songwriter tweeted that she is, ‘very happy about all the stuff to come’. We’re wondering whether by ‘stuff to come’, she’s referring to that second album fans have been anticipating for some time now. MØ also unveiled the single artwork alongside the announcement of ‘Nostalgia’.

Fans caught word of the new single when MØ took to Twitter to share what we can only presume as lyrics to the new single. You can see for yourself the alleged ‘Nostalgia’ lyrics which were tweeted below:

We’re excited to see this new release from MØ and can’t wait to see what she us awaiting for. Whether it be a music video, another EP or even hopefully, her highly anticipated sophomore album.

MØ’s latest single, ‘Nostalgia’ is available anywhere and everywhere now.

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