Molly Hammar
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Molly Hammar explores the bittersweet acceptance of not being alone in her new EP

Molly Hammar is doing good given the circumstances of living in today’s world! Especially now that she got to release new music – it’s like therapy for Molly and a relief to finally have her new record out that she has carried with her for some time.

“Thank you! It’s definitely a mix of relief, joy, anxiousness and just gratitude for even being able to release music,” Molly says to CelebMix now that her EP is out. “I’m very proud and happy of the result and hopefully people will resonate with it.”

Molly Hammar is the type of artist who wants to write music from an honest place in herself and during these past few years she has struggled with being alone, “I think loneliness is such a natural part of life and everyone experience it no matter life situation,” Molly expresses. “To me ”God Is Lonely Too” means that you’re never alone in these feelings and is also a sentence of acceptance to me.”

Molly’s new EP, “God Is Lonely Too” is a little more bittersweet than what she thought it would be to begin with. At the start of the creative process, she thought it feature more tears!

I think you can hear the process I’ve been going through, it starts pretty bright and ends up bittersweet.

Molly Hammar on the creation of her EP

All things considered, the creative process of the EP has been a long ride.

“I’ve been working with people both in London and Stockholm and even if it’s been a longer process than my first EP,” Molly says, “I think this one tells a story of where I’ve been the last two years.”

Like Molly said at the beginning of this interview about her EP, she wants to write from a very honest place in her heart, so every song is in some way about her life. “I wanna keep it personal and raw,” Molly states.

“I would recommend every song [laughs],” Molly tells CelebMix on which song (or songs) she would recommend to listeners, “but if I have to choose I would say: Listen to FRIENDS when you’re having drinks with your friends.”

Additionally, you could also listen to “Get To Know Me First,” when you’re driving in the sunset. And listen to “Douchebag,” which was previously covered on CelebMix, when you accidentally met a douchebag!

I want my listeners to feel a little less lonely and honestly just feel something. At all.

Molly Hammar

In 2021, Molly Hammar just wants to be ready for when the world opens up again so she can sing live again. So that she can take over the world, per se!

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