Molly Hammar touches on sisterhood and setting boundaries in her newest single, “Get To Know Me First”

Molly Hammar is a 24 year old Swedish R&B artist. “I grew up in a jazz musician family and can’t basically remember a time when I didn’t sing,” she explains to CelebMix in our chat about her newest single, ‘Get To Know Me First’. “I’m all about empowering women and making them feel heard and strong and everything we wanna feel!” Essentially Molly Hammar is all about sensuality, love and soul. In fact, Molly wants her listeners to feel something when listening to her music.

Molly Hammar’s “Get To Know Me First” is now out via Cosmos Music

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t sing so it’s always been the most natural way for me to express myself in. Sometimes my music tells me things about myself I didn’t know [laughs].

Molly Hammar

“I definitely have my ups and downs,” Molly expresses to CelebMix on how she is. “I think motivation wise it’s been hard because of the fact that I can’t travel anywhere which was my plan but over all I’m ok and just thankful to be able to still release music and that me and my family are healthy.” Molly truly thinks being thankful for what you have in these times is crucial.

What is ‘Get To Know Me’ about?

GTKMF is about sisterhood and setting boundaries for yourself. I think women get compared a lot to each other in many situations and I wanted this song to bring us together instead of driving us away, therefore I’m very happy to have two amazing Nordic queens with me to emphasise that message. It’s a celebration of being single and free and deciding who you want to be as a woman and person in general. 

What inspired your song?

I’m always inspired by my own life and what state I’m in at that specific time. Right now I’m in a state of loving to hang out with my girls and my sister and just be happy about good conversations and being by myself. That’s what inspired the song. My love for women and myself and the state I’m in right now.

How did the collaboration with Julie Bergan & AWA come about?

I’ve basically lived with Awa in London from time to time. We’ve had many nights out where we lived our best life’s and we’ve always wanted to do a song together so when I came up with the idea of having two bad ass women with me she obviously came to my mind. I met Julie first time last year and immediately loved her personality and her artistry so both of these women was actually the first names that popped into my head. Julie and awa has been friends for some time so I knew that we all would hit it off and we really did and are! 

Why was it important for you to work on a project with female artists?

Like I mentioned earlier I think that women often get compared with each other and I feel like that has to change because that don’t happen to male artists in the same way. We need to support and uplift one another and set examples for the upcoming generations of how sisterhood looks like. Both behind the stage and on the stage. Everywhere. I feel like it’s my duty to talk about these type of things because I think it’s a very dated mentality to have in general. Together, women are more powerful than anything. 

Which other female artists would you like to collaborate with on a song?

I mean I would love to work with Beyoncé, u can’t not not say her. But other than that goddess, I would love to work with Mahalia(!) Jorja Smith, Victoria Monét… the list goes on. 

‘Get To Know Me First’ is one of the songs off Molly’s upcoming EP – an EP Molly tells CelebMix is coming along nicely. “I’m a bit nervous. But it’s all good, that’s the way it should be,” she reveals. Essentially the EP is about loneliness actually, which happens to be a “hot” subject now that the entire world probably feels more alone than ever but I figured people might need some music to feel less lonely to then.

“For me, I think loneliness isn’t something you should be scared of,” Molly continues, “It has its sides and that’s what I’ll be singing about basically.” From the EP you can expect to FEEL something and hopefully feel a little less lonely. “Other than that you can always expect from me to sing my heart out,” Molly assures listeners, “since that’s the reason I do music [laughs].”

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