Monica Michael tweets on her ‘insensitive shooting comment’

Monica Michael appeared on ITV’s Lorraine this morning but decided not to mention an ‘offensive’ comment she made during last night’s X Factor.

After being eliminated from the show last night, Monica said: “Class of 2015 X Factor, BANG BANG BANG!”

It might have NOT been in an offensive way towards the Paris Massacre at all, and sure, she was probably just being all urban and that but it understandably did cause some stir and angered many viewers on Twitter.



Monica Michael did tweet sorry to the viewers on Twitter: “I want to apologise for any offense caused on the #TheXfactor tonight. I wasn’t thinking beyond the moment and it was insensitive, sorry”

I don’t personally think she wanted to make it seem about something offensive at all. She seems like a great girl! And I hope you all feel the same too.

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Written by CelebMix