Monsta X – The Connect World Tour: Review

A sold out Hammersmith Apollo, queues flooding the streets of London and fan chants throughout the day awaiting the doors opening; Monsta X’s first ever UK concert could not have had any more buzz even if they tried.

The South Korean boy group have been making waves since their debut in 2015 withTrespass and fans have been eagerly awaiting the day that the boys set foot on British soil, with June 17th seeing the dreams of Monbebe’s come true.

‘The Connect: World Tour’ does just what it sets out to, bring fans and the group together proving that music does indeed transcend and exceed language barriers. Monsta X kept a continuous interaction with their Monbebes, constantly referring to them and interacting with the audience during interludes. With or without the translator, the effort made by the members to memorise English phrases for the concert is admirable, especially member I.M who became the spokesman of the group due to his English abilities.

With the high intensity performance that KPOP is known for, concerts of such scale should be incredibly exhausting and draining for even the most experienced of performers. The group remained at the same energy level from opener ‘Jealousy’, through to the final song of the night ‘Fallin’, while keeping the raps and vocals stable and clear at all times. The hefty setlist (23 songs) stretch across their entire discography and tackled every area possible, from high intensity, ballads and even sub unit covers of Bruno Mars and Drake.

The almost three-hour long concert is a spectacle of Monsta X in their prime, showing that the years of training prior to their debut have only made their performances more powerful and impressive while proving that music is universal, regardless of language.

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Written by Ellie Nicholas

A 23-year-old UK-based graduate.
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