Movie Review: Cold Moon

Aristotle in “Poetics” said that a good performance is the one where the emotions felt by characters in a play are aroused in the audience as well. While he talked in terms of drama, the rule applies to any art form.

If we see movies like “La La Land” or “Theory of Everything”, one of the factors that make them successful and popular is their ability to transfer emotions like happiness and pity to the audience as and when they are demanded.

The case with horror movies is even more evident and significant. If one is not able to feel fear, then, one can never enjoy the work.

Today, we are reviewing “Cold Moon”, a revenge thriller, co-written and directed by Griff Furst. The movie is based on the novel of the same name. It attempts to offer an intimidating plotline but does it succeed? Check out our review to know more:


Set in 20th century Florida, Cold Moon’s plot revolves around Larkin’s family, comprising of Jerry, Evelyn Larkin and Margaret. The family owns blueberry farms, the produce of which everyone seems to love but Larkins face financial issues as they find themselves under debt due to declining condition of their farms evident from rotten blueberries one encounters at the beginning of the movie.

Symbolism and its Significance

Symbolism as a tool has been used pretty well by the writers. Rotten Blueberries sets the tone of the movie. It signifies the decay the town will soon find itself in. An incident of murder unfolds the plot for viewers and subsequent events try to unravel the mystery of the murderer and vengeance of the murdered on people who did wrong to her.

In terms of plot, Cold Moon is a typical horror movie. Gothic infrastructure, didactic funeral service, and morbid atmosphere pervade the ambience of the film. But even though the setting of the movie is gloomy, the existence of church restores viewers’ faith in justice time and again.

Gory and violent, the movie offers several instances where one has to just look away to avoid any scene that might contribute to one’s nightmares.

How’s the acting?

The movie comprises of several actors including Chester Rushing, Candy Clark, Sara Catherine Bellamy, and Josh Stewart.

Actors have played their part well but aged characters seem to go overboard with their roles. There seemed to be an exaggeration in terms of their expression which in some instances, failed to evoke sympathy of the viewer.


Henrik Ibsen in his play “Ghosts” took up the gothic theme to highlight the significance of past, evident from play’s title. “Cold Moon” seems to present a similar case. One might evade past for awhile but one cannot escape it forever.

All in all, while “Cold Moon” is not as scary as “The Conjuring”, it is definitely worth an attempt.

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