Movie Review: Five Feet Apart

For some reason, it has almost become a right of passage for teen actors to do coming of age movies or sick teens in love film before they grow to old (The Fault in Our Stars or Everything, Everything). Haley Lu Richardson, who was amazing in The Edge of Seventeen and Cole Sprouse who is slaying on Riverdale, take a crack at it in Five Feet Apart, a film about two hospital patients with cystic fibrosis. It starts as a serious film that treats the disease seriously and brings awareness to what the patients go throw on a daily struggle and then as it continues it turns into the love film we’ve all waiting to see.

The film focuses on two patients with the disease, Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) who eventually runs into Will (Cole Sprouse) and eventually end up falling in love with each other. Despite the nurse urging them to keep six feet apart at all times because thats the distance a germ can travel through the air. With that premise, the film begins piling obstacles facing the characters. The pair can’t touch, kiss, without endangering her life. It makes you realize how important just human contact is until you see this movie.

Being published as a book before being turned into a movie, it was probably the most accurate book to film depiction in all of movie history. Overall, it kept every single detail and scene, minus a few things but compared to all the other book to film movies, it’s the most accurate.

Makes sure you see Five Feet Apart in theaters everywhere March 15th.

Written by Will Heffernan