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MOVIE REVIEW: The Christmas Chronicles

Thanksgiving is officially over. Hopefully, you’re back from Black Friday shopping and have time to sit back and relax and enjoy a Christmas film to ring in the holiday season. Netflix has released it’s newest holiday film of this year called The Christmas Chronicles and it’s bound to be another Christmas classic.

The Christmas Chronicles follows the Pierce family. After losing their father, the mother is working non-stop, even on Christmas Eve so Kate and Teddy must quickly decorate for Christmas before Mr. Claus makes a stop to their house. Kate believes in Santa, Teddy not so much. To prove Santa is real, Kate wants to videotape throughout the night to actually prove that Santa is real. Turns out, he is. One thing leads to another and the two Pierce kids are helping Santa deliver presents before time runs out.

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Featured in the movie, there’s stolen cars, Santa getting arrested, car chases, reindeer, and little tiny animal-like elves that speak another language. This holiday film is great for the entire family to enjoy. When watching the film, it reminded us of the Christmas classic featuring Tim Allen, The Santa Claus. We must warn you, the ending could possibly be a tear-jerker, but we don’t want to spoil the movie for you.

When we heard about Netflix releasing yet another Christmas film this year, we automatically assumed that it would be pretty corny, but we were surprised about how much we actually loved it!

The Christmas Chronicles is now streaming on Netflix.

Will you be watching The Christmas Chronicles during this time of year? If you already saw it, we want to know what your thoughts are. Let us know on Twitter by using @CelebMix. If you liked the movie, check out another Netflix ‘s The Princess Switch.


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