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Music Premiere: Sara Marie Barron Drops New EP – ‘Angel Numbers’

Detroit-based neo-soul/pop singer-songwriter Sara Marie Barron introduces her brand-new EP, Angel Numbers.

Barron explains, “For me, the past few years have felt like a liminal space. I’ve found myself searching for things to grasp onto — a fictional character I see myself in, a piece of the earth that reminds me how small I am, a row of repeating numbers that reminds me the universe is full of beautiful, random coincidences. ‘Angel Numbers’ is the amalgamation of this grasping. I found myself looking at my phone at 4:44 every day, buying $44.44 worth of toiletries at the store, and dialing 444 for the first three digits of my best friend’s cell phone number. I take it all with a grain of salt, but that numeric guide, that random coincidence, kept me going. Just like seeing 4:44 on my phone screen, these songs are fleeting moments, capturing angst, passion, love, and hope. They exist in a liminal space, and they exist infinitely. They are pieces of me that come and go in an instant but repeat themselves in different shapes and colors the next day. They are what keep me going.”

The four tracks on the EP were written and recorded in a church-turned-studio called Willis Sound, 40 minutes outside Detroit. Produced and engineered by Samuel Peters, the EP features Barron’s longtime collaborators Mario Sulaksana (keyboards, production), Junho Kim (bass), Jonathan Muir Cotton (bass), and Tariq Gardner (drums).

The EP begins with “Subdued,” opening on shimmering keyboards, and then flowing into a pop-flavored tune tinted with jazz tangs. Barron’s delicious, evocative voice imbues the lyrics with luscious textures.

Whereas “Choose Between” merges savors of neo-soul and R&B into a measured tune dripping with slow, gliding leitmotifs. Smooth and sumptuous, Barron’s vocals drip with quixotic aromas, giving the lyrics yearning desire. A rolling, walking bassline infuses the harmonics with fat, delicious tones.

“Three Hours” rolls out on gentle, emerging colors as Barron’s voluptuous voice imbues the lyrics with scrumptious melting inflections, followed by taking on assertive suggestions. “Shiver” flows and glides on oozing neo-soul timbres, while Barron’s crème de la crème vocals inject the lyrics with sultry, seductive inflections.

With her superb, expressive voice paving the way, on Angel Numbers, Sara Marie Barron bewitches listeners with plush sensations.

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Written by Randy

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