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Music Video: Felix Cartal Releases “Happy Hour,” ft. Kiiara

Platinum producer and DJ Felix Cartal, aka Taelor Deitcher, recently unveiled the music video for “Happy Hour,” featuring pop star Kiiara.

Directed by Kasey Lum, the video depicts Felix entering a bar, where he orders a drink. The bartender suggests his new special drink. Felix agrees. As soon as he takes a sip, he enters a magical world, where he makes bad choices but has a great time.

While Felix finds himself in a pool with a microphone, Kiiara performs on the karaoke machine, watching herself on the screen. It’s her, but it’s not – more like a doppelganger with different hair and clothes. Meanwhile, Felix and his office mates use paint cans to apply graffiti to a silver van driven by a masked figure.

Speaking to the video, Kasey Lum says, “The energy of the song is so go-go-go that the visuals we created had to be on the same level. We decided the best move for this was to create a simple surreal narrative because we could take the viewer anywhere and it didn’t need to make sense; as long as the world looked cool, we were on the right track.”

While Felix chimes in, sharing, “Kasey and I have been making videos together since the beginning of both of our artistic careers. I believe the first thing we did was around 2011, possibly even earlier. I always feel fortunate that I’m able to create art for a living, but it’s even better to create art with your friends for a living. That being said, the hardest part of videos is getting them to match the mood of the song, and I feel like this one does that better than anything we’ve done before.”

The lyrics mirror the fantastic sonic energy of “Happy Hour.”

“We waste our nights / From light to dark sides / Like every hour / Is happy hour / We’re lost, not found / We’re all crashing down / When every hour Is happy hour.”

With Felix Cartal producing and Kiiara singing, it’s easy to see why they are both superstars with millions of streams and platinum records.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.