My Brothers & I

My Brothers and I release new track “When You’re Ready”

Portland-based quartet My Brothers and I released a new track and music video last Friday, “When You’re Ready.” This is the first track they’ve put out since their full-length album Don’t Dream Alone back in 2015. The smooth synths and infectious grooves will undoubtedly have you entranced into the song.

Vocalist David Wurgler describes the song as:

It’s a song about your perfect match in a person. Someone you have been friends with, but they just can’t seem to catch on to the fact that y’all have chemistry for a deeper relationship. So it’s just like a love letter to them, letting them know you’re not in a rush, but you’re here when they are ready to be involved in something real.

The three brothers, Erik (bass vocals); David (lead vocals); and Scott (drums) formed Brothers and I along with their childhood friend Jordan Roach (guitar). Their brand new EP drops later this year but for now, at least we have “When You’re Ready” to hold us over until then.

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Written by Ashley Bulayo

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