Natalia Damini and Tito Jackson Serve Up Some Sass on Latest Single “Attitude”

Since Natalia Damini charted at #1 on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart, she’s been making new music and is excited to share her new single with Tito Jackson “Attitude”. It’s an eccentric pop anthem that blends together two iconic voices on a track that’s all about carrying yourself with a little bit of extra charisma.

“Attitude” draws you in from the start with a sleek guitar riff, saccharine vocals and a posh beat that continues to unfold as Tito Jackson joins the mix for an entrancing verse. The music video follows Natalia Damini and Tito Jackson as they perform, absorbed in the ambiance of a lush dance floor, under the light of a dazzling chandelier, and in a garage embellished with a sports car. Natalia Damini keeps it crystal clear and direct as she sings, “If you want it, you got it.” “Attitude” is all about going after what you want and doing it with confidence. Tito Jackson and Natalia Damini captivate with intrinsic charm and come together for a fated vocal pairing.

Natalia Damini is the recipient of an Underground Music Award for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist. She has millions of social media followers and 15 million views on Youtube, and wit this to say, the fans are ready for new music.

“Attitude” is her latest release with the one and only Tito Jackson. Take a listen and tweet @celebmix your favorite part!

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Written by Leah

Los Angeles based entertainment writer