Natisa Gogol Emerges With Powerful Single “Wind Of Hope” In Honor Of Ukraine

Natisa Gogol is a Ukrainian refugee and singer-songwriter who now resides in Prague. Creating music about the recent tragedies in Ukraine, Gogol writes from a heart wrenching place of having to leave her home in the face of danger to protect her young son. Her new single “Wind Of Hope” is a thunderous, and earth-shaking anthem that honors Ukraine as her homeland, even after being forced to leave it behind.

With breathtaking strings, striking notes of electric guitar, and metamorphic vocals, Natisa Gogol captains her tune with an air of deep-rooted passion and unshakeable strength. She sings, “Love shines bright as a distant star, but hearts are burning in flames of war.” The music video begins with Natisa in a dark veil surrounded by dull light and grim, underground imagery. After her first chorus, she is able to take off her veil and emerge into the white light wearing a gilded yellow dress. “Wind Of Hope” is a first-hand relic from the war in Ukraine which Natisa Gogol has crafted into her own act of reclamation.

Natisa Gogol’s release is complete with a monumental performance in Prague at the Hlavni Nadrazi train station. This is the site where refugees arrived after fleeing Ukraine. At a space that means so much to her, “Wind Of Hope” brings awareness to the year anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

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Written by Leah

Los Angeles based entertainment writer