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Navy Releases Plush New EP – ‘BLEU, Vol. 1’

Dominican singer-songwriter Navy drops her new EP, entitled Bleu, Vol. 1, featuring “One Shot” and “LMK/Tower” via Pretty Boy Worldwide and The Other Songs

Navy explains her music, “Travelling outside of the Caribbean opened my eyes as to how important it is to stand up for what I am. I’m not about to change my skin color or pretend I’m something or someone I’m not. You either accept me or you don’t, there are millions of artists out there. If you don’t like my stuff, move along.”

Believing in the impact of language, Navy often writes and performs in Creole, the language used by those enslaved in the Caribbean to communicate. Navy’s sound blends reggae, soul, and hip-hop into delicious sonic concoctions.

Previously released singles from Bleu received vast media attention, including Complex, Notion, Wonderland, The Line of Best Fit, and Gal-Dem, while her music has appeared on numerous top-notch Spotify playlists, such as How We Do, Riffs & Runs, Chilled Reggae, Surface, and Island Pop.

Highlighting the EP is “Diamonds,” a bold track focusing on the abuse of black people.

Talking about the song, Navy shares, “Diamonds is a radical hip hop hymn where I look at the historical abuse of black people and the lack of value they held to the oppressors. In the song, I call on the ancestors for protection and retribution for the people wrongfully murdered and abused whose precious lives meant less than… I see the oppressed to be more precious and more valuable than any diamond of any value. The chorus being in creole is a direct link to the African Slave Trade which is part of the Caribbean’s history, showing how the resilience of the slaves still carries on in language today. Though it’s a lament, it’s a symbol of strength and will to survive.”

“Diamonds” rides a hip-hop beat tinted with savors of reggae and soul. Navy’s lush, evocative voice imbues the lyrics with intense emotion.

Entry points include the low-slung, smooth undulating flow of “Patra,” riding a relaxed rhythm of crisp percussion and a cavernous, rolling bassline. “One Shot” travels on a deep, alluring rhythm, topped by luminous accents as Navy’s luscious voice shifts seamlessly between a rapping-lite delivery and velvety melodicism.

Cool and sensuous, “LMK” blends R&B and soul aromas into a creamy, silky tune. Whereas “Pity” rolls out on a potently measured rhythm as hints of jazz, hip-hop, and soul auras give the tune dazzling, graceful energy.

Bleu, Vol. 1 is superb, amalgamating glossy textures of hip-hop, reggae, and soul into enticing songs, all capped by Navy’s deluxe voice.

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