Needle Music Teams Up with Ayita Management to Make Finding New Music Easier

In an effort to provide their users with unprecedented access to their favorite artists, Needle announces their strategic partnership with Ayita Management, home to superstars FISHER, Chris Lake, Nero, and Noizu.

Miami-based company Needle Music, Inc., founded by Mikhael Porter, Shane Ertz, and Wyatt, saw a need for an enhanced method of sharing and discovering music, which prompted them to build a platform to disrupt the fragmented status quo.

They launched the Needle Music app, a way for fans to discover new tunes, share their tastes, and connect with others through music.

The self-proclaimed, “community for good music,” – particularly of the electronic genre – aims to bring people together in a more meaningful way through their mutual listening habits and stylistic preferences.

Ayita co-founder Harvey Tadman explains, “Fans are seeking new ways to get closer to the artists they love in order to enhance their experience and access to new music without ‘gatekeepers’ and algorithms deciding for them. At the same time, artists are searching for ways to create awareness, connect with their fans and monetize their music directly. Needle addresses both of these needs on a platform that brings artists and fans closer together than ever before.”

The Needle Music app is supported by two main features: the ‘Song of the Day’ feed, which updates in real-time, and one’s profile page (their Audiobiography™?), which showcases users ‘Top 8 songs, ‘Featured Playlists’ and ‘Musical Moments.’

Hit songs appear on Needle’s app months before they reach any charts or virality on TikTok. Their ‘trending songs’ list is a quick-moving mecca of (mostly) electronic music. For example, ‘Do It To It‘ by Acraze (ft. Cherish) first charted on ‘Official Charts’ on November 11, 2021, in the UK at #60 and peaked at #9, but was trending months earlier as the #1 song on Needle on August 20, 2021, as a result of a few of their top music curators on the app posting it.

Similarly electronic artist (and early Needle darling) Fred again..’s hit song “Marea (we’ve lost dancing)” first officially charted on August 4, 2021, at #96 and peaked at #36, yet was trending as the #1 song on Needle five months earlier on March 2, 2021.

Needle Music CEO Mikhael Porter says, “There’s an exciting opportunity to connect people through music like never before. Since the start of civilization people have connected through music more than any other art form, and now through Needle people are showing that they love to build real relationships at a high pace through our social experience. Replicating the experience of finding a friend at a concert, without having to go to the concert – is something people increasingly crave. Our community can count finding love and new friends among the daily relationships formed on the app and interacting with others through the medium of music – even more so than photos – builds unique bonds.”

Needle Music is all about harnessing the power of community. And there are perks. Users are incentivized to share and socialize. Avid users of the app will be awarded points that they’ll be able to spend on exclusive opportunities like ticket giveaways, meet and greets, private listening parties, and merch drops, all to connect further with their favorite artists.

Artists utilizing the platform extend their ability to capture data within the platform and interpret that data in a timely fashion, giving them the potential to redefine the music discovery process as well as increase the impact that influencers can achieve and activate over time.

With users from more than 180 countries spending approximately an hour on the application daily, Needle is quickly becoming the way for music lovers to connect around the world.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.