What is Neon Hitch’s Snapchat?

If you want a daily fix of gypsy goodness, then there’s nobody better to follow than Neon Hitch. The singer, who’s famous for hits such as Fuck U Better and her new album Anarchy, uses the service to post pictures and share snippets of her new music, which is always amazing.

What is Neon Hitch’s Snapchat?

You can follow Neon on Snapchat using iamneonhitch

Who else should you be following?

As well as Neon, you should definitely consider adding CelebMix to your Snapchat. Our username is just CelebMix, so it’s hard not to remember it. As well as interviews and surprises, we’re always at a gig and snapping our experiences away.

You can also check out our Snapchat Bible and find out what other celebrities are on Snapchat, and if your favourite isn’t on there just yet, don’t worry, we’re adding more daily!

Written by CelebMix