Netflix Cancels “The Get Down”

Following a tumultuous 1B season, The Get Down has been canceled by Netflix. In keeping with the service’s usual plans, it caught fans off-guard to see this powerful music drama not get renewed for a second season.


As was recently stated, Netflix spent $120 million to produce this show — which is one the highest price tags of any Netflix show. The Get Down, however, was never properly advertised by Netflix and had some trouble behind the scenes.

Baz Luhrmann, the producer of the show, stated in a Facebook post that one major reason for the show’s cancellation was his inability to commit full-time to the show’s season two production.

Additionally, several cast members took to social media to thank fans of the show for their continued support.

For fans of the show, The Get Down’s cancellation comes amidst a tremendous Twitter campaign that focused on the hashtag, #RenewTheGetDown. The show is leaving things unsolved, including the main characters’ unknown educational journey.

For people who are not familiar with the show, check out this article on our website about everything we love about The Get Down. 

Fans also took to Twitter to express their heartbreak and anger about the show’s cancellation.


Fans have also been working hard to find ways to force Netflix to continue the series.

Although a second season isn’t in the works, you should still get onto your account and binge this soon. The music, production, and plotline of this show are one of the most underrated in the TV industry today — and we cannot believe it is as unknown as it is.

We’d also like to acknowledge The Get Down’s wonderful representation of POC and LGBT+ personas. Considering this show takes place in the 70s, we were delighted that this show never backed down from being diverse.

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