Netflix and Disney Team Up

“Netflix and chill” just got ten times better with the addition of Disney movies to the online steaming services long list of films!

On Monday, Netflix posted a blog post discussing some of their upcoming plans, but to be honest, the only part we really cared about was the addition of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and LucasFilm movies to their library.

This news is huge, because it means that Netflix will be the only streaming service to offer these films. Ever. So sorry Hulu and Amazon Prime users, it looks like it’s time to change subscriptions.

Apparently, this plan has been four years in the making, but it’s finally coming to life this upcoming September, and we couldn’t be more excited. With movies like ‘Star Wars’, ‘Finding Nemo’, and ‘Captain America’ already set to be released to the streaming service, Netflix binges are about to reach a whole new level.

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You can check out an announcement from the company below highlighting some of the films they’re releasing this summer!


Written by CelebMix