Netflix renews ‘Sense8’ for a second season

Avid Netflix viewers everywhere cheered this morning as the streaming site announced it was renewing its hit series “Sense8” for a second season.

The exciting news was announced via the show’s Twitter account.

“Sense8” is a sci-fi drama centered around a group of eight people from all over the world who suddenly become inexplicably connected. The “sensates”, as they’re called, try to navigate through their own uniquely tumultuous lives while helping out the others as trying to understand their new mysterious connection.

The show became a hit and rapidly gained attention because of its inclusive diversity and representation. The characters all hail from a wide range of ethnicities and represent a large spectrum of the LGBTQA+ community, including a transgender lesbian, a religious Indian scientist, and an Icelandic woman with PTSD.

This kind of all-incorporating representation is rarely seen on TV. The genuine writing is void of any “token” characters, with the creative plot focusing on the characters’ everyday struggles as normal people. By being coupled with dramatic suspense and much comedic relief, the show proved to be a compelling addition to Netflix’s ever-growing list of original content.

A second season had been the hope for many since the beginning. Among those wishing for the show’s renewal were creators J. Michael Stracynski and the Wachowskis. “The way that the Wachowskis and I tend to work, as we created the show together, wrote it together, we are long-game kind of people,” Stracynski said at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour. “We look down the road to say, ‘Okay. We’re setting this up now. Where is this going to go?'”

We all certainly can’t wait to find out for ourselves.

Written by CelebMix