Netta wearing a silver crown and a silver dress with a big shoulder-padded strap, holding up what looks like a big bottle of Diet Coke but actually has the words "Ricki Lake" branded on it.

Netta Releases Fired-Up Single And Chaotic Music Video “Ricki Lake”

We’ve had some amazing releases from Netta since she won the Eurovision Song Contest with “Toy” back in 2018 but this one sure is an unstoppable force as “Ricki Lake” is the catchiest 2020 song we’ve heard so far! This single release follows up her collaboration with Omer Adam, titled “BEG”.

Netta Barzilai has had a whirlwind year and a half, from entering HaKokhav HaBa, the Israeli national selection show to Eurovision, to going on to win the contest and getting the chance to represent Israel at Eurovision 2018, to then going on to win with her song, “Toy”. The song became an international success, even reaching the US Billboard Dance and US Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs charts. The music video has reached over 100 million YouTube views, becoming the first and only video to reach that milestone on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel. Then, in early 2019, she followed the Eurovision song up with “Bassa Sababa” which is just as addicting and has an incredible bubble-gum visual to accompany it, she then released “Nana Banana” which she performed at Eurovision 2019, and she’s now releasing absolutely amazing covers on her YouTube Channel, which is working as great promotion for this awesome new song “Ricki Lake”. Netta is going to continue to be someone to watch in the coming years. We also need a debut album from her!

According to the YouTube description of the music video, this new single’s music and lyrics has been created by Netta Barzilai, The Aristocrats, Nikki Flores, and Emily Vaughn. The music video has been directed by Roy Raz, whilst Roman Herten acted as director of photography. Spotify states that the song has been produced by Avshalom Ariel and The Aristocrats. The video also credits the following actors: Dorin edri, Nurit Gordon, David Asfa, Yanai Kahano, Omer Harel, Gili Romi Kadosh, Roy Efrat, Shay Litman, Nick Ogaei, Biar De La Sontain, Vardit Simani, Romi Pavondilo, Alisa Paigin, and Mali Matsumoto.

Watch The Music Video To Netta’s New Song “Ricki Lake” Here:

This song and music video is over the top but we love it. The core subject of the song is being confident in yourself, loving who you are, and not letting others bring you down. We’ve all got our own problems, insecurities, difficulties in the world and we don’t need others attacking out flaws and hurting us in the process. Netta continues in her own style making the sound undeniably her own; and, as ever, her vocals are on-point throughout, it’s clear she means business when she hits that chorus.

The music video goes down a different route than the song, but still linking in well. It focuses on advertising, commercialism, overconsumption, and capitalism. Netta is making quite the statement with this visual and we are living for it, even if it is parodical and a bit too crazy for some. She’s had various comments on her weight ever since she’s reached the spotlight, so it’s not surprising that she’s hit back at it all. We love how many of the products are labelled “Ricki Lake”, and we so hope that the talk show host, Ricki Lake, actually gets to see this.

In a press release, Netta said: “I used to watch the Ricki Lake Show obsessively when I was a teenager, and I was fascinated by all the colourful characters she featured in her show. It was a glimpse into the ultimate America at its best and worst. Like Ricki’s guests, we’re all seeking guidance, quick solutions and simple life hacks that would make us happy and would take away the sadness. A new jacket, a new nose, a happy meal or cellulite reduction.”

Netta continued to say: “Ricki Lake – the song and the person – is about being a happy individual, listening to your gut instead of society’s rules, and dancing to your own drum. Ricki Lake for me was always how the misfit became America’s sweetheart, and this song and video are my cheesy, messy and greasy homage to her.”

“Ricki Lake” is available to download and stream right now, via Tedy Productions. We can’t wait to see what else Netta drops this year.

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