DISCOVER: This Week Saw Eurovision 2018 Winner Netta Release New Song & Lyric Video “Nana Banana”

Amidst Eurovision week, Netta hasn’t stopped, and this week also saw her drop her new single “Nana Banana”. She is expected to sing this track at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Grand Final as a guest performance. She also confirmed that that was the plan after she opened the first Semi-Final, on Tuesday, with a performance of “Toy”. The single release follows up her previous song “Bassa Sababa“.

Netta Barzilai has had a whirlwind year, from entering HaKokhav HaBa, the Israeli national selection show to Eurovision, to going on to win the contest and getting the chance to represent Israel at Eurovision 2018, to then going on to win with her song, “Toy”. The song became an international success, even reaching the US Billboard Dance and US Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs charts. The music video has reached over 100 million YouTube views, becoming the first and only video to reach that milestone on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel. Then, earlier this year, she dropped “Bassa Sababa” which is just as addicting and has an incredible bubble-gum visual to accompany it. Netta is really proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

As for the new one, “Nana Banana”, it doesn’t have the same feel as her previous two tracks, with a less catchy rhythm. What it does lack in addictiveness, is made up in the lyrical content since it is another one filled with empowerment, just like “Toy” is. The beat isn’t raging, like “Bassa Sababa“, so we’re quite surprised she has opted to sing “Nana Banana” instead of “Bassa Sababa” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 – maybe she’ll do a medley? – oh, how we wish. This new one does showcase her versatility as an artist, proving that all her tracks can be in different styles, and this one will certainly showcase her vocals off, especially that catchy hook and ending bridge.

The song itself has been written by Nathan Goshen, Netta Barzilai, and Stav Berger, the latter of which acted as producer. As for the lyric video, the graphics and video production was done by AVOXVISION. It’s filled with neon colours and occasionally is difficult to follow the lyrics, but that’s what makes this such a cool concept. There are also images of Netta’s head in pieces which is reminding us of Kiesza’s early single artwork for the likes of “Hideaway” and “Giant In My Heart”.

Watch Netta’s Lyric Video To Her New Song “Nana Banana” Here:

“Nana Banana” is available to download and stream right now, through Tedy Productions under exclusive licence to BMG Rights Management. She will be singing this song on Saturday, 18 May 2019, at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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