New Hope Club: A Year In Review

New Hope Club: A Year In Review 1

Being a completely new band is a hard task but New Hope Club have definitely made a name for themselves. As they only formed in October 2015, they had a lot to prove this year and they have. Not only have they gone on multiple tours and released multiple covers, they’ve also gained thousands of loyal fans.

The British band started off their big year in March by touring with The Vamps. They toured all around the UK and then in Europe with the band. New Hope Club came on the stage during the smash hit “Cecelia (You’re Breaking My Heart)” and performed it with The Vamps and smashed it. Winning the hearts of thousands of fans.

In late May and early June, they embarked on a small tour with The Tide. They visited four cities; Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, and London and played two shows at both. New Hope Club just kept gaining more and more fans as they went, capturing the hearts of so many. On this small tour, they even debuted an original song called ‘Perfume.’ At the end of June, it was then announced that they would be touring with The Tide again on a bigger tour.

The Click My Fingers tour started on August 12th and ended on September 10th. During the course of the tour, New Hope Club just kept on growing. They were playing two covers, including “Somebody To You” by The Vamps, and two original songs. Crowds already knew “Perfume” and quickly took a liking to their new track, “Makeup”.

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Written by CelebMix