What is New Hope Club’s Snapchat?

Left, right and centre you see celebrities using snapchat as a way to communicate with fans and keep them up to date with their day to day lives. It’s an easy and efficient way of doing things however with so many celebrities using it, it can be easy to lose track of them all. With CelebMix’s Snapchat Bible it’s easy to find all of your favourite celebrities’ snapchats as they’re all in one place.

One of the many bands using snapchat as a way to comminicate with fans is British band New Hope Club. New Hope Club use snapchat as a way of bringing all their fans with them on their numerous adventures. Whether they be adventures around LA and various other places they visit while touring, or just the odd selfie in the back of a car or in a hotel. The possibilities of what you’ll see on their snapchat story are endless, but you’ll have to add them to see it all.

What is New Hope Club’s snapchat?

You can follow New Hope Club on snapchat using newhopeclub.

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