NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Liv Dawson Releases New Single ‘Talk’

Liv Dawson is making a swift return to the music scene following up from her 2017 single, ‘Hush’.

We first caught wind of Liv Dawson back in January when we made a discovery of her previous single, ‘Hush’. Ever since then, the pop starlet has returned to the studio working on new material, whilst also joining Khalid on his ‘American Teen’ Tour throughout Europe and UK as a Support Act.

Dawson has been keeping fans updated via her Instagram, posting photos of her travels around the world whilst supporting Khalid’s ‘American Teen’ tour and also shared multiple clips of studio sessions through her Instagram stories. This lead to anticipation towards new material, which the British singer-songwriter has blessed us all with on the latest single, ‘Talk’.


‘Talk’ is yet another single released via Disclosure’s music label, Method Records. Now with an impressive and reasonably sized music discography, we’re just that one step closer to getting the debut album we’ve ever so been craving. If you’ve not yet listened to the powerhouse singer who is Liv Dawson, we can only describe her as a triple threat – she does it all.

Any style, any vibe. Liv Dawson can do anything when it comes to her music, there is a way in which she can create such an authentic masterpiece. Her angelic vocals, up-beat hooks and five-star production is A-List music just waiting to be discovered as the next big thing. It comes as a surprise to us how Liv hasn’t already topped the charts worldwide? Undeniably, she is what the music industry needs right now.

As you may notice below, one of Liv Dawson’s previous singles, ‘Painkiller’ is definitely an infectious pop banger made to tear up the charts:


However, maybe this new single ‘Talk’  will be the one to pursue that success, as it’s the least Dawson deserves after working so hard at perfecting her craft.

Liv Dawson’s new single, ‘Talk’  is available here.

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Written by Dominic Beck

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