Next “Doctor Who” Companion to Be Announced 23rd April

Exciting news for fans of Doctor Who: the next companion is to be announced THIS SATURDAY.

The official Doctor Who Facebook page posted this earlier today, regarding the new companion:


“ALERT! We’ll be revealing the new companion this Saturday here and on BBC One in the UK (during Match of the Day Live half time) Permission to squee?!”

Even though Doctor Who‘s ninth season is over, there’s still a lot to be excited about with this new announcement. In the past, we’ve had many companions of the Doctor, who have been brave, witty and unique, such as Sarah Jane Smith, Amy Pond, Rose Tyler and Martha Jones. It leaves us with the question: who will be next?

There is great potential for the story, introducing a fresh face. Over the years, we’ve seen companions come and go, some with happy endings, some not so much.

The announcement is set to happen tomorrow via the Facebook page and during the Match of the Day half time (UK viewers only).

While you wait, check out this fan made trailer featuring the companions of the past.

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Written by CelebMix