NFL Weekly Recap: Week Two-Part 2

It’s official the second season of the 201 NFL season is behind us, and the grasp of what each team needs work on to look forward to.

Here are the weekly stats and updates from each game.

1. San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers

49ers (27 (1-1)
Panthers 46 (1-1)

49es MVP: Blaine Gabbert
Panthers MVP: Cam Newton

San Fran started with three pretty uneventful quarters. The final quarter seemed promising but couldn’t make a comeback against the determined Panthers offense.

2. Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions

Titans 16 (1-1)
Lions 15 (1-1)

After a 12 point lead, the Lions couldn’t shake away those penalties. Stafford really took control of his offense but the end result was a win for Tennessee.

Titans MVP: Marcus Mariota
Lions MVP: Matthew Stafford

3. Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

Dolphins 24 (0-2)
Patriots 31 (2-0) 

In this game, the QB was needed to bring the momentum and boost the team. Once Garoppolo was injured Brissett did his best to keep the team on their toes. Tannehill really did bring his A game, but the Dolphins just couldn’t produce the needed points.

Dolphins MVP: Ryan Tannehill
Patriots MVP: Jimmy Garoppolo/ Jacoby Brissett

4. Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

Bengals 16 (1-1)
Steelers 24 (2-0)

At the very end, the Bengals had a chance to tie up the game but their offense couldn’t find the rhythm they needed to break past the Steelers offense.

Bengals MVP: Mike Nugent
Steelers MVP: Xavier Grimble

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals

Buccaneers 7 (1-1)
Cardinals 40 (1-1)

The end result was no surprise in this game. Carson Palmer threw for 3 touchdowns while Winston was picked off 4 times. Arizona played hard, and it showed.

Buccaneers MVP: Mike Evans
Cardinals MVP: Carson Plamer

6. Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos

Colts 20 (0-2)
Broncos 34 (2-0)

The Denver offensive line was ready to win and it showed. The Colts seemed to be having a hard time pushing through the line.

Colts MVP: Frank Gore
Broncos MVP: CJ Anderson

7. Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers

Jaguars 14 (0-2)
Chargers 38 (1-1) 

Jacksonville fell short until the 4th quarter. They finally showed what we wanted to see all game. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to pull through a win.

Jaguars MVP: TJ Yeldon
Chargers MVP: Philip Rivers

8. Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears

Eagles 29 (2-0)
Bears 14 (0-2)

Cutler just was not able to connect with his teammates while Carson Wentz played a very consistent game which let to the Eagles second win this season.

Eagles MVP: Carson Wentz
Bears MVP: Jeremy Langford

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Written by Amber Nordberg

I'm 25, living life and loving the adventure. Lover of One Direction and 5SOS. Find me on Twitter, @ambernordberg