Niall Horan Chats With Challenge Tour In “Little” Interview

During his time at the Northern Ireland (NI) Open, Niall Horan took a few minutes to chat with The European Challenge Tour. The organization sent out someone special to conduct the interview: a young boy named Billy.

The European Challenge Tour’s official Twitter account sent out a 14 second teaser Friday morning (July 29).

The interview opens with a question Billy says he is often asked: what do you want to be when you grow up? With a chuckle, Horan tells that he would still like to be singing in the future. He goes on to reveal that, as a child, he wished to grow up to be a footballer.

I’d like to be still singing. I’d like to sing. I wanted to be a footballer when I was a kid as well, but, definitely wasn’t good enough.

 With Horan being a pop star, Billy questions Niall’s presence at the golfing event. He tells Billy about Modest! Golf, a management company that he founded. The company aims to find  and inspire young talent within the sport.

I started a golf management company. But I want to look into the young people coming through from the Amateur Tour to the Challenge tour, and then hopefully into the European tour. That’s why I’m here doing this.

Billy’s next question sends Horan into a fit of laughter when he’s asked how many birdies he gets in a week. He quickly clarifies that he’s referring to golf when Horan’s only response is laughter. He answers the question, letting a few giggles out. When asked about the other kind of birdies, Horan plays along, saying he’ll tell him the answer when the cameras are off.

The conversation moves on to Horan’s friendship with pro golfer Rory Mcllroy. The singer previously caddied for Mcllory and took a spill on live TV which Billy briefly touches on. Horan credits that moment as being the most embarrassing of his life.

I fall over on live TV on Sky Sports. I think it was the most-viewed golf moment of last year. Because everything is now on YouTube, you’re not going to get away with it; the little fumbles can’t happen anymore.

The interview is a playful one, with most questions leaving Horan doubled over in laughter! The topic of conversation moves swiftly and hilariously. The pair talk about Simon Cowell, how much cash Horan carries, and whether or not Horan texts Mcllory as much as Mcllroy texts him.

Their time together concludes with a gift from Billy to Horan: a temporary tattoo. The pair help each other apply a tattoo to their hand to finish the interview. Billy wishes him luck with his career, saying he’s going to need it which, of course, draws laughter from the ever-cheerful singer!

Check out the entire interview below!

The NI Open is being officially sponsored by Modest! Golf, which runs from July 28-31.

Horan continues to make his way into the sporting the world, armed with a generous heart and lots and lots of smiles.

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Written by CelebMix