Niall Horan Confirms Launch of Golf Management Company

Earlier this week we told you that rumors were swirling around Niall Horan and his opening up a golf management company; it looks like Niall himself confirmed the validity of these rumors today.

Niall has partnered with Mark McDonnell in this new endeavor which will look for new golf talent across Great Britain and in Ireland, focusing heavily on North Ireland.  Niall enjoys the sport so he thought branching out further and recruiting new talent would be a good next step.

“It’s not something I’ve done before, but I play a lot of golf and I’ve a lot of good friends based in Northern Ireland so the Modest! Management team will definitely be on the look out for new talent.  We’re looking forward to having a look at the talent across Great Britain and Ireland, and particularly Northern Ireland.”

Niall and the rest of One Direction are currently on their hiatus and it looks like so far, Niall has made the most of it.  Niall has kept under the radar except to pop up at a sporting event and visit a few different countries – he’s definitely taking his plan to travel and rest to heart.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Niall does with golf management and seeing what kind of new talent he can recruit for the sport.

Written by Ashley

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