Niall Horan
Niall Horan photographed by Christian Tierney

Niall Horan is The Gift That Keeps Giving

Niall Horan turns 27 on 13 September and in honour of the singer and songwriter’s special day, we thought it necessary to throw together a list of several reasons as to why we absolutely love him, and think he is one of the coolest human beings. Everyone, and we repeat everyone, needs to be aware of this fine man’s charm.

His laughter

Now, if someone has never heard Niall Horan laugh, they are truly missing out. He has one of those extremely infectious and loud laughs that can be closest described as the effect of translating a written HAHAHAHA into a real sound. On this note, yes, we highly recommend watching compilations of his rapturous snickering. Just do it.

Niall Horan laughing for 12 minutes straight

His humour

To everyone already following Niall Horan on Twitter, this point will come as no surprise. He loves banter. He makes jokes. He is very sarcastic at times. Ultimately, he is a funny person with just a pinch of mischief. The fans enjoy this amusing quality of his – as do we. Go and give this man a follow just for the comical tweets. We 100% recommend, no regrets.

His outfits

Who would have thought that Niall Horan is a real fashionista? It is no news that he loves sharing selfies among other content on his Instagram story. However, from time to time he will do his by fans deemed ~ signature pose ~ in front of a mirror and show off his fit of the day. Watch out, he is a model on the rise! The fans adore his outfit-of-the-day contributions, we do, too.

His voice

Of course, Niall Horan is first and foremost known for his mind-blowing (already a decade lasting) career in music. Originally, the man started as one of the five incredible vocalists in One Direction. Now, he is on his own and doing great. He writes, sings and performs his very own songs on his own terms – and he is amazing at it. His vocal cords are a true blessing to all our ears. We really do appreciate Niall’s silky-smooth voice.

His whole entire personality, to be honest

Niall Horan is not only a very talented individual with an extraordinary career and life. He also is a compassionate, benevolent, loving human being. He exudes positive energy, whilst waves of calm and enthusiasm radiate from him. Niall is hardworking and determined – he has released two beautiful albums, Flicker and Heartbreak Weather, in less than three years. The fans love his honesty and genuineness on social media, as he shares personal parts of his daily life with them and often speaks his mind unfiltered. He comes across as very relaxed and approachable, making fans feel at ease and understood. The point is, who would not be grateful and ecstatic to know another human being as good-natured and peaceful as Niall?

We could go on and on about how beautiful of a person Niall is as the list of reasons is endless. With that being said, a very Happy Birthday Niall Horan!

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Written by Justyna

One Direction is my forte. I'm a big fan of Taylor Swift and guinea pigs.