Niall Horan Makes his Country Music Debut at the CMA Awards and Announces Modeling Contract in the Same Day

If you’re a fan of Niall Horan, your heart is probably full of pride and absolute joy right now. After all, it was a very busy day for the superstar. Not only did he make his debut at the CMA Awards with Maren Morris, he announced a modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models.

Needless to say, today has been a busy week for us.

So while we wait for the fire Niall will bring with his modeling contract, we were treated to one of his best performances of all time at the CMA Awards. With his first solo world tour underway, videos of his performances are flooding social media. However, there was something really special about this one.

Not only is the song one that warms your heart, the joy and pride on his face was incredible. Maren Morris was bright and talented next to him as she sang her heart out as well. It was obvious that the pair worked hard to get this performance right.

Only, ‘getting it right’ seems like a vast understatement. They both nailed the performance, but like we said before, there was something special about it. Niall looks proud and happy, but he also looks like this might be one of the best times he’s had on stage. Their musical chemistry is incredible and you can tell the song means a lot to them both.

When artists are passionate about their music, it shows, and these two bring that to focus in a big way. Their voices compliment each other, quite honestly, in a perfect way and you could tell that they were encouraging each other along the way.

We don’t know if we’ll hear more of this specific type of song from Niall, but we’re hoping we do. It’s a little country with a Niall twist and we’re massive fans of it, especially after seeing this.

Were you as impressed as we are with Niall and Maren’s performance? Let us know.

Written by Ashley

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