Niall Horan Posts Modest! Golf on Instagram

Ever since One Direction went on that renowned hiatus, we’ve all been eagerly anticipating what their next solo moves will be. It’s safe to say the boys haven’t disappointed; Harry has been busy filming upcoming movie, Dunkirk, Louis has been guest judging on America’s Got Talent, and Liam has recently announced his solo signing to Capitol Records.

Meanwhile, Niall has ventured into the sporting world of golf and is working on his own project, ‘Modest! Golf’. He confirmed the launch of the business way back in February. ‘Modest! Golf’ is a golf management company, of which Niall is the Director, focusing on the next generation of golfers.

Niall’s most recent step forward with ‘Modest! Golf’ is the company’s partnership with the Northern Ireland Open (that’s a huge golfing event, if you’re not sure).

Though the partnership was announced in May, Niall made it official (well, in social media terms) today by Instagramming a huge ‘Modest! Golf’ billboard on the NI Open golf course.

Niall expressed his pride in his new business venture, writing “very proud today. Walking onto the course and seeing stuff like this…” Niall has been a dedicated fan, follower, and participant in the sport for years now, so seeing his company partnering a huge event like the Northern Ireland Open must be a huge achievement for him.

Since the ‘modestgolfofficial‘ Instagram account launched only 6 days ago, it has already been pretty active. Check out the professional Modest Golf Team, made up of Niall and his fellow Directors, Ian Watts and Mark McDonnell.

We are so proud of Niall and can’t wait to see what the future holds for ‘Modest! Golf’. If you’re interested, the Northern Ireland Open is running from 25th to 31st July. Here’s hoping Niall makes a cheeky appearance on the golf course.

What do you make of that then? Are you as excited about ‘Modest! Golf’ as we are? Let us know over at @CelebMix on Twitter.

Written by Emily Gulla

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